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Group Awards

  • Our Customs Division has achieved highest ranking from Australian Customs Services
  • Award for Excellence in Supply Chain and Distribution – Finalist – 2009
    The Smart Awards 2009
  • Winner of the Doug Beattie Award for Supply Chain Management – November 2005
    Logistics Association of Australia (LAA)
  • Information Technology Award – Finalist – November 2005
    Logistics Association of Australia (LAA)
  • Winner Consensus Software Awards – April 2005
    Consensus Software, sponsored by Microsoft
  • Winner MIS IT Innovation Award – 2003
    MIS Managing Information Strategies
  • Highly Commended Initiatives in eCommerce Awards – 2002
    Shippers & End Users


  • IATA Accredited Agent –
  • Exclusive appointment as supplier under NSW State Contracts Control Board Contract No. 2351
  • Logistics Association of Australia member
  • Member of the ATS – Australian Technology Showcase –
  • Joint Venture Signed 2009 – Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics

30 November 2008

The C8GROUP announces that C8FREIGHTWORKS has entered a 50/50 joint venture agreement with Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics, an international logistics provider in Hong Kong and China, with regional head quarters in Hong Kong.

C8FREIGHTWORKS Parisi JV, (the joint venture company with Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics) extends C8FREIGHTWORKS’ Asian operation into Hong Kong and mainland China with the local expertise of an existing enterprise.

China has a rapidly developing economy experiencing a high rate of growth over the years. C8FREIGHTWORKS has been investigating its options in Hong Kong and mainland China in recent years, and is now ready to realize the opportunity of adding this significant new market to the company’s global customer base. Together,

C8FREIGHTWORKS and Parisi will fund an investment in marketing and IT development for the business over the next three years to build a stronger market position in Hong Kong and mainland China. C8FREIGHTWORKS Parisi JV will provide further information in relation to this investment in the coming months.

C8FREIGHTWORKS Management state: "We’ve been evaluating the extension of our business into Hong Kong and mainland China for some time now and researched our options thoroughly. We are pleased to be moving into the operational phase of taking on a new world and offering new service for our existing and new customer base. Our experience around the globe, coupled with the local knowledge of our J.V. Partner, Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics and our wider Asian operations, puts us on a firm footing for long term success. We saw the Joint Venture opportunity as inevitable as it allows us to preserve each company’s independence whilst capturing synergies."

About Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics

Francesco Parisi S.p.A. is a Shipping and Freight Forwarding Group of Companies established by Francesco Parisi (1778-1813) in Trieste and present in Central Europe since 1807. The Company is controlled and managed from the origin by the Parisi family – now the eighth generation in business. Following the constant growth and demand of the Chinese market, Francesco Parisi has planted its roots in the Far East with the opening of the Hong Kong Branch (2004).

With over 400 employees in 6 countries, a world-wide network of agents and correspondents, over 100.000 sqm of covered warehouses for the storage and distribution of goods can only briefly describe the size of the Group.

The main feature of the Francesco Parisi Group is the tailor-made solution for every possible logistic requirement of its customers in the supply chain.

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