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Privacy Policy and Legals

Privacy statement

This information on data protection applies exclusively to the C8GROUP web site.

Legal Notices

We appreciate your visit to our site and welcome your interest in our company, products and services. We regard data protection as a mark of customer-oriented quality and, consequently, take the protection of your privacy very seriously when processing your personal data. We process and make use of the data collected from or provided by visitors to our web sites in accordance with the valid statutory provisions governing the confidentiality of personal data. Our web sites may include links to other web sites, which, however, are not covered by this privacy statement.

By using this website, you have agreed to comply with the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, do not use this website.

Not legal advice

The information provided on this website is general in nature and is provided for information purposes only. The information provided on this website cannot take into account your particular circumstances, and does not constitute any recommendation in relation to any action or otherwise, should not be relied upon as legal or other professional advice, and is not intended as a substitute for legal or other professional advice.

We recommend that you seek independent advice before acting upon any information, graphics or other material on this website or any other website linked to this website.


We do not warrant, guarantee or represent the nature, completeness or accuracy of any information or materials contained on this website or any related or linked websites or any service available at or from this website. We do not assume and (to the extent permitted by law) excludes all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage suffered in any way by any person relying on any information, products or services provided or omitted by us through this website. In particular, we do not warrant, guarantee or represent that the content of this website, or the server that makes it available, will be error-free or virus-free or that your access to the website will not be interrupted.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent possible under applicable laws, the C8GROUP excludes all liability, including negligence, to you or any other person arising directly or indirectly from using this website or any material on this website.

Rights which cannot be excluded

We do not attempt to exclude any rights or remedies which, due to the operation of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or similar State and Territory legislation, cannot be excluded. We exclude all other conditions and warranties implied by custom, statute or the general law. To the extent permitted by law, the C8GROUP’s liability for breach of any implied warranty or condition which cannot be excluded is limited at the option of the C8GROUP to the following:

  1. in the case of services supplied or offered by us,
    1. the supply of the services again, or
    2. the payment of the cost of having services supplied again 

Viruses and hackers

The C8GROUP does not warrant, guarantee or represent that this website or any third party website will be free from viruses or that access to this website or third party websites will be uninterrupted. You acknowledge and accept the risk that:

  1. transmission to or from this website may be intercepted, used and modified by third parties; and
  2. material obtained at or through this website may contain computer viruses and other defects.

Copyright Notice

All Intellectual Property (including, but not limited to, copyright) in the material contained in this website, or any product or service available at or from this website, is owned by or licensed to the C8GROUP and originates in Australia. All information, text, material, graphics, software and images on this website are protected by Australian and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved. The contents may be viewed online by you and, where provided as a downloadable PDF file, may be reproduced in hard copy for your personal use. You may make temporary copies of the material contained in this website to the extent strictly necessary to browse this website on your computer screen. The contents of this website may not otherwise be reproduced or displayed and may not be distributed to any person (including distribution by email), nor incorporated into nor accessed via a link from any other website without permission in writing from the C8GROUP. If granted, any such permission will require acknowledgment of our interest in and ownership of that material.

Collecting and Processing Personal Data

Whenever you visit one of our sites, our web servers automatically record and analyse your technical access data such as the IP address of your Internet service provider, information on the Internet Browser you are using, the web site from which you are visiting us and which of our web sites you visit, including the date and time of each visit. However, these data remain anonymous and cannot be associated with an individual person. We use this technical access data exclusively to improve the interest value and user-friendliness of our web sites and to detect any technical problems as early as possible.

You can use most of our web sites without providing us with personal data. In adherence to the principle of avoiding or restricting the use of personal data, we collect and record this type of data only if absolutely necessary, and only if they are provided by you voluntarily and intentionally, for instance, for processing your orders, answering your inquiries, providing you with access to special information and offers, or for rendering special services (for instance, mailing brochures).

Data Security

We use appropriate technical and organisational means to protect your data against misuse, loss, damage or unauthorised access, change and deletion. Our security measures are constantly tested and improved in accordance with technical progress and organisational possibilities.

This notice was last updated on 1st July 2009.
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